Sandfish Phoenix

Sandfish Sushi and Whiskey has brought award-winning sushi chef Engin Onural's passion for innovative sushi and whiskey pairings to Phoenix. Within our sleek Scandinavian-designed interior, you'll enjoy a judicious selection of hand-crafted sushi and whiskey pairings, making Sandfish an ideal destination for both epicures and the curious. Chef Onural's commitment to exceptional quality and flavor is evident in every dish, and our team works with some of the finest food purveyors from around the world to ensure that every bite is a culinary masterpiece.

Whether you're in the mood for a classic sushi roll or a unique whiskey pairing, Sandfish Sushi and Whiskey in Phoenix is the perfect destination. Our dedication to exceptional service and our passion for our craft are evident in every detail, from our carefully curated menu to our stylish and sophisticated interior. Come visit us and experience the best in sushi and whiskey in Phoenix.